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Hello everyone I’m giving myself a CoolSculpting treatment, I’ll have the link to this device in the description below. I want you to know I have it really suctions, I’m doing kind of my middle belly, now I want you to know I put a lot of thought into, how I will give myself treatments keep this in mind. you have to have a game plan like I did the very top last week, and then I did the next one, and now this is overlapping just a little bit. but I’m going down the center of my gut, and I have said I’m gonna do one more treatment in the middle right underneath this like, after this treatment I’m going to go down. a few which is thick, I should measure the width, so I’m just going to move it down and do my lower belly, you know on this side of it, my lower belly is down here.
You see in my hand so this is a live example of giving yourself a do-it-yourself home CoolSculpting treatment. I did some research, I had the time online 60 minutes, I should show you how to use it. when I put it on the next treatment, I have it all five for the temp, here’s something good to tell you, the suction the backyard I start on one, then I moved it up to two, and then I put it up to three.
you see the cooling , then it goes up and down between three four five. I have the straps on, I’m comfortable, I’m secure, I have the news on, but I’ll put that back on, I can walk around with this on, but it very slowly up, I think the volume up. when I’m done with this .and now I’m going to go underneath, I’m going to target up, you know that potbelly that I have, but I suggest you like I went down the center of my gut, and then over time, maybe next week I’ll do this side, and then I’ll go to this side, and then the week after, I’ll go in the middle and go to this side in the side, then I’ll go to the lower, you know lower this side of the Machine, and this side down here.
You have to plan it out, so you evenly peaceful, I did it in between my legs, it was a very hard to get the machine comfortable all my legs, but I did it, and I already feel the difference in a few days. It took the edge off, it really did. I can’t wait to see I already feel the difference, I can’t wait too long, after a few months, maybe it’s another three months, you would look at between my legs, and I’m going to do the outer side of my legs, maybe tomorrow and then next day.
You know I’m working throughout my body, these are baby steps, I’m still working out I pay attention to my diet, I’m not a diet freak, but I do follow Weight Watchers at least half way. I have dropped weight in the past five years, and I’ve kept it off, this is to help me get rid of that subcutaneous wiggle fat, you know. okay, I’ll see you soon folks, take care bye.