(Before read the article, Watch the video for your reference)
Let me introduce the frisian fat remover machine for you, first install machine, here we show A1 it means we did not put the antifreeze mask, if it shows A2 it means this filter is white to have to change your filter, this filter we can reuse, green and a jar.
It have to use our antifreeze mask cannot use others, because it have the strip here to match your machine. and then it comes with four strips, this one for legs thigh, the smallest one for arm, and this one for belly, this one for waist, the biggest one for wrist.
I have to stack into it, and this mask have to stack into. let’s start, you see it will show like this, Mode: first time 30 to 60 minutes, you will get the best effect, Temperature. and then this one is the left
temperature, right temperature. we have a carry bag, this one for carry, put here and then carry for your shooter, like this. Thank you.