so you’re rubbing off this skin layer and together you vacuuming all this crap, and all the dirt from your skin and that skin which makes our skin look betterdu、nice、 glowy、 right the end we look younger,  we have no acne, we have no scars, we just look beautiful.

hey guys, how are you doing, today we’re gonna be talking about skin beautiful, ready and glowy, and nice beautiful skin without pimples, without acne without anything, just perfect skin. and today I have beautiful diamond dermabrasion machine for you guys, I’m gonna do review today and let’s jump into this video.

so this is professional use guys, this is professional use if you go to the beauty salon, like spa、 or somewhere. where you can get your facials done by professional aesthetician dermatologist or plastic surgeon, this is what you’re going to see in Beauty Salon.

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what is microdermabrasion? microdermabrasion literally it’s like a hard scrub to remove your dead skin, to remove your first like that skin layer of your skin. in this order, we achieve beautiful skin, we grow
natural, like skin layer, like more beautiful younger skin layer, after we remove the dead skin layer. so in this case, we have a beautiful skin, we have a less acne, if we have acne, after many times of using
acne disappears. we reduce fine lines, especially crow’s feet women have here around the eyes, which I am like. I had I started to have these crow’s feet, since I was like I think 22, but after using this, I have less pimples, I have less fine lines, I have a less skin discoloration. because I used to go before in the Sun bed, like in this kind of Sun studio, I used to tan myself a lot. and I was discolor it, like I didn’t like this, so literally microdermabrasion makes your skin beautiful no matter what age. you’re 18, you have a skin like problems acne, and if you’re over 50, you have a wrinkles, you have a fine lines, you wanna reduce it. you wanna like literally, this machine is a miracle for your skin.
I use this every single week, you’re supposed to use every single week, like you’re not supposed to use like more often than every week, and now I’m going to show you guys how to put everything together device. because when you order you actually get get box like this, so it’s kind of really huge. so when you’re going to receive your box, when you open the box, you’re going to see inside small box like. this is going to be included in this box. so you when you open box, you see inside this included PVC hose, then these included rubber rings and this included big cotton filter. next is going to be a small cotton filter over here, and then you’re going to get diamond tips over here, we have a nine diamond tips, and then we have a stainless steel vance, which we’re gonna have here three Advanced. you guys can see which one I use, because they have a darker color, these tips are diamond tips which is so beautiful. when you think like we cannot do like diamond procedure to our face, it’s really like cool. and here after we have inside in this giant box, we have a main machine which looks like this is kind of really cool, it looks like futuristic, if you guys not familiar with the skincare,
this here the red button is power button, so you turn on or not over here, you’re gonna control a suction like high no power how strong you want to suck everything from your skin, like the control this suction level here, you’re going to see like the section level like numbers, when you’re gonna go to the number 3, is going to be like really intense, which is recommended like for the chest or for this stretch marks, and then for the face is recommended that first like 15 or 20, so don’t do first time, especially when you buy for the first time, don’t try to do too much suction.
And here is inhaler haul, and I’m going to show you guys how to take everything too. all the pieces you’re going to get, also instructions which you’re going to open,  you’re going to follow all the instructions you see. first is going to be unscrewed a vacuum connector, make sure a big cotton filter is in that Center, and the large black ring is around the connector, which is right here. so you’re supposed to place big filter which we have here and we placing big filter, after you take this big connector, nwhich is also usually. mine was I don’t know that’s how you’re going to receive – was already placed on this inhale part, and you’re supposed to make sure you have a rubber ring on this, because it’s this is very important. and you screw it on the top of this inhale, like kind of parts. so once you have this done, then attach the hose in the connector. hose is kind of really big, I love it. so you’re supposed to attach the hose, make sure you have filter, because first time when I did, I didn’t have filter and my bow is good at, I didn’t forget on the
first part of the filter, but then I’m like I forgot. but then in subside, and I decided that I have to like check, so make sure this is very important if you have filter. so you don’t want to damage your machine,
because everything what you suck out that skin from your skin is going to go into your machine. so make sure for like a hundred percent check like three times you have a filter inside.
Alright and after that plays the other end of hose in the end of van, so you take a band you can choose three vents which is going to last for you, you place the vent in the other side of the hose like this, you connect your hose with this van, it’s just in this part like that, make sure is really like sitting, really tight, so it’s supposed to look like this.
now it’s time to apply filter over here, so now we take a smaller filter, we apply on the band like this, make sure the small black ring is around the head over here is very very important. and then at the end, you pick whichever size you want for the first time, I would recommend guys to take the smallest one, take a head, and through the diamond tip into the one, screw the diamond tip into the one like this, and you’re kind of ready to start.
so once you take everything together, it’s supposed to look like this, so now complete machine looks like this, everything together connected this with the filter, connected tips with the filter and we gonna turn on machine, this is what I say. this is higher, this is less suction, and we’re gonna do I’m going to show you guys how it’s working, I’m gonna show you on my hand, you’re going to have all instructions. so make sure you follow all the instructions, and this is working status like.
this is a vacuum sucking out that skin from your face from your chest from your legs, you can do it on stretch mark. you can  hear the sound, it’s like the feeling is literally like sucking out, like vacuuming your face, like you’re vacuuming all the dirt like from the carpet. when you’re back on carpet, it sucks out all the dirt, all the germs, on the blackheads, everything is sucks out, everything like scrubbing your skin. and at the same time, you’re taking out the dead layer of your skin which makes your skin beautiful, nice, glowy,and radiant. so it’s working like this.
I really love this machine, I’m so in love with this machine with this device, I will recommend you to not do too much suction, not do too much power on your face, because this can be like more you have more damage. that’s good you know, and I’m really so in love with this machine, and so excited. because this is like professional skin care device, which I highly recommend it. it takes really a short time. it takes five to ten minutes procedure, before you wash your skin, after you wash your skin. also and apply this regular moisturizer, don’t forget after each of using, and before each of using disinfect you a tip, because you know disinfect is really important. machine is super like perfect, I just call this machine perfect machine.
I say the whole perfect machine I did this to my husband, I did facial my husband son and they are so happy, because my husband son had a lot of like blackhead. after one using his nose is so clear, it’s so
beautiful, I used for my husband, also it’s so nice. next day say I feel like my skin is a little bit more tight. now you know what I mean ,what I do with my skin. I take care of my skin, this is perfect for acne, this is perfect with for discoloration, perfect for everything everything.