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Hello everyone today let me introduce you a new screaming machine, the frozen body shaping instrument reduce expenses through nine University events technology of control warning energy. it delivers strong holding power to the shipment site to make the fastest crystallized, and then but she passed their effort uh check the treaty fast they’re asleep. I naturally thought of the body, it is recommended you have one treatment every 20 to 30 days in five treatments are one cause.
First, let me show you all the components of the instrument, this is the main body, they are four different shaping gels for different treatment sizes of body, for arms, for abdomen, for waist, and other part of our body. and here are some heads on antifreeze pad, one pack contains one piece, it is the disposable. it means one piece can be used only for one time, never reuse it. here are some yellow winter continent one filter cotton, can be reused three to five times. but each time after it is used it must be washed and dryed.
this is the shoulder strap, you can connect it to the silver circle on the back of the instrument. and then we connect the shoulder strap. now it’s okay, this is the power adapter we can connect it to the power supply, and the other end to the instrument. when he started it DT, it means something goes wrong, please look at the screen any one of his, here it means the antifreeze mask has not been in started yet. if A2
appears, it means the yellow filter cotton is wet inside, and you need to replace it with a dry one. now let’s pull out the power wire and I will show you how to install and how to operate the instrument.
First of all, please make sure the dry yellow filter cotton is inside under the sensor cover, and then press the sensor cover done. let’s let’s choose proper shaping drill for the trimmin, suppose I’m going to treat arm I choose this one, please match the hole to the mouth of the instrument and press it all the way In. please make sure there is no gap between. it’s okay now, it’s time to install antifreeze mask paper pack on auntie mask, and open it, inhale a piece of antifreeze mask, apply some essence to the whole hole, as the face of the shaping gel the centerline of the antifreeze mask must be parallel to the shaper, and then press it in. both the ends of the 80 freeze mask must be pushed into the silicone of the shaker, and then it is necessary to press the mask to make sure it is the close. attention to the cooling plate.
Now it’s time to show you how to operate the instrument, let’s connect it to the power supply, we can see several lights or words appearing on the screen. the first line shows us time of treatment, now it is the set 60 minutes as long as the arrow points to it, we can adjust the number larger with the plus button, and we can adjust each model with the minus button. but in order to get the best effect with the patterns, that is 16 minutes now, let’s move the arrow back to the second row, set temperature it means there the generation temperature of the instruments.
It is security that we say epi of 630 Cresta, now the slowly sets vacuum, which means the suction power of the instrument we can start it with the three, and then the first line working state, we can control it on or off with the button start or stop. the last two lines shows us the temperature of the instrument. okay now let’s turn on the instrument, before we raise it to the treatment site, we can make it use on two minutes to get the best effect, never place the instrument item on the table like this or less something from the wind blowing out from the hole, because it may affect the blows and effect. you can put something under the instrument and could be in this way.
And now two minutes later, we can apply some remaining essence to the many places, it’s time to place the instruments on to the treatment sites. but before it, with a better place the some remaining essence on to the treatment site, and then put the instruments onto is the kernel can hang the instrument on the shoulder. at the same time, actually you can have four other instruments and play on the other treatment sites. please remember never plays the instrument cover the Dead-end places, if you feel the suction power is too strong, you can adjust it to poor, treatment time is over now, let’s take out the power wire, take out the antifreeze mask, and then clean the cooling plate and shaper, take out the shaping gel, clean the hole on it in, please remember the instruments must be placed upright. that’s all for today’s the introduction of the operation of the frozen body shaping instruments, for more details please refer to the instructions.
thank you so much for watching.