Hey everyone, welcome back to my channel in this video, I will show you how to use the skin scrubber. This is an amazing device for deep cleansing, for product penetration and for lifting the skin, if you want to know how I do this, then please keep watching.
So basically I’m starting off with a clean skin have already deeply clear, double cleanse my skin and I will be applying a gel that’s relative treat the blocked pores, so you can also use just like a plain aloe vera
gel. You don’t have to use this, I’m only will be supplying it on the area where I am treating the skins first, otherwise the gel might dry up, and I don’t want that. I’ll be sure that your skin is moist at all the time, otherwise you might irritate your skin. so basically I have turned on the skin, it’s a peel ,actually on my device. this is something to say, it’s clean as well, like all the devices are different. so when I finally got in touch with my hands, you can do this more noise here, and I’m gonna do is now. I’m just gonna start, we’re basically dividing with my front in two parts, so when I’m just holding the device at 45 degrees, and just taking the gel, you can also use this with your cleanser.
So again just put it all the way down, take it off, just go slowly, you can also use like anytime peaceful or any cleanser that you like, or other gel you can also get one on local store. I’m moving down to my cheeks, I actually avoid the eye area because there’s actually no oil, I don’t want this area to dry out, there’s no need to go over this.
The skin in this moist, this is most important thing. you buncha my nose this can be bit tricky, also distract your whiteheads and blackheads with this. just press in. usually will come out, those areas the most congested area, so you should spend a little more time there. so very much congestion, you should spend more time there. now the chin area is not a congestion of mine, so usually we’ll go this way, this is the
only area that you should apply pressure. don’t apply too much pressure, just like the three of them gadget do all the work, so there’s no need to apply the pressure, you can always go second time or worse. it’s better also don’t forget this area, this is like a really Lippmann slant, but it’s lots of congestion usually. so this is basically the price of it is enough, then should you’re like a big job at once, so just remove the gel, because we will be applying now. I’ll show you how to apply a product to moisturize the skin.
So next step is to penetrate a product into your skin. we have opened the course, we have cleanse all the dirt out, the next step is to close the both balance the pH value of the skin. and we will be doing this with another gel, which I actually really like, it’s like a propolis channels, but you can also use aloe vera gel. actually let’s use the aloe vera gel instead, because everyone has aloe vera gel at home. so basically you will just take like it and mount like this, it’s plenty and we will just apply it to the face, so every ready so this one here, this is almost gone, because I also want to show you how to do the lifting.
That’s basically done, I’m applying mojo certifying this gel back over it now, doesn’t really matter, you can also mix the gels together, you could buy these gels in the silence of you this island supply stores or an Amazon like this oneĀ ,yeah kind of really like this company, as we see the hell up all kinds of different gels. I have used the ecology, needs around vitamin C gel and I quit. and it’s been expensive like this, was made like five pounds, and last you quite a long time. you wanted to skin always to be more this style, this is the most important point. because otherwise you will burn your skin, you will end up with lots of sunburns bumps. you don’t want that, so now as I said every machine is different, and I will be choosing the this object. so this is automatically set for ten minutes, and as you should have plenty of time. so I will start here, so I already do some lifting the jawline, it’s also beneficial to know that muscles of the face.
So this must have sent you here to set. so you just want to lift them up again, the nozzle falls and just usually I hold them like bit and pull them up like this, and then the other side, this is basically a microcurrent. how microcurrent works? here basically just a rare as educating the muscles, really creating the muscles to go back into the position rather bad before. what happens your muscles? your muscles in the face are differently, different than the masses on your body, like they’re much smaller and they’re attached to the skin. so basically when you get older, you must start to detach from your face, and this is where you have the sagging and basically the master side with your skin, that makes it even more heavier. so you want to put them back into place rather where before. I would advise you to do this like two to three times a week, like every second day or definitely not every day. on the day that they’re not doing this, you can do facial exercises.
Or if just make sure that if your face to dry up again, if you apply more product, now you would also have like this claw from right here. so like what I usually do, I just see like this is our how fast electricity
Basically. you would actually if you can feel it in your neck if you would go here. so you can feel it here right well. so you are will be usually just pulling this over here, because this muscles are basically drawing it together. so I want to separate them again.
Just gently don’t do not pull a push, just gently glide or this will encourage the collagen and the Alliston growth as well in your the deeper skin layers, and if you have like areas there is more sagging just concentrate on these like for me, it would be the nozzle obeah bolts, you can also just go ahead and leave them in the place for a bit.
So we were doing our eyes as well, in order actually have successfully lifted my eye area with this as well, so you can just pull just going to lift it up and hold it for a few seconds. always make sure the air is moist a container, don’t take this thus to anything, it will like the results are a cumulative as well. so the more you do the better, it will be and then at the end of the day, if you have done this like long enough, you bought your beer after you can only do it like once a week, you know poor top-up, but this treatment will cost you like a fortune in sound, around here I usually just would go and type this in like this.
Don’t pull the skin around here, no Anita upwards, not downwards nowhere say Robin knows good area, so basically this is finished. now you can clean your gutters and up, and it’s ready for the next use.. what i usually do i as you can see the gel is completely absorbed, so you can actually just leave it as this, however I usually do I believe the gels on, because they’re actually very beneficial to skin, especially the top of this, and I’ll go where I want. I really love both of these, so you should have what you can if you find them too sticky, you can just remove them for actually like just you pop the base cream like this, and but I will try just a very thick moisturizer that occlusive, and this will last in basically all the moisture. as you can see my skin is already slightly lifted, and also many pine lines are less pronounced.
This is a very inexpensive treatment, the gadget doesn’t cost you a grafting approaches for past 40 year on Amazon. and I have pulled my butt to Jessica, so I mention it even sure what brand this Is. there are like so many of them, the best thing would be if you read the reviews on Amazon, and see what other people think. so although this is a good inexpensive gadget you have at home, it gives you like they’re like almost resolved of, it gives your result of a facial. so if you like you know spending 40 pounds of this advice absolutely, advise it’s like absolutely nothing as. especially I have said like these treatments in that in a salad will cost you at least 70 or 80 euros, so you have already done sailing and it will last you like a if you take good care of it, it will last you quite a good time as well. so I have other gadgets as other use that I will show us now going forward. but like this one is the first product that I actually go and I’ve really loved, then exfoliating I exfoliate most you’re not super exfoliating not so much. but it thing is can I use other gadgets too less mess, but like this is really good for exfoliating the skin too deep exfoliating thing, for the public penetrations well, and it’s very affordable inexpensive. so if you’re new to facial machines, this would be like a good one to start this was. also my first machine as well, so I kind of have like a special gold finish.
Anyways thank you so much for watching guys, I hope this video was helpful to you.