Korea Derma Pen Needle

Over the years, many new beauty treatments have been introduced that can help enhance the overall beauty. Micro needling is one such treatment that is used to generate collagen in the skin, which helps the skin to become smoother. It is used mostly to get rid of scars and wrinkles that make the skin look dull.

A6 Dr.pen2

The Korea Derma Pen needle is designed specifically to make the process of micro needling much easier and simpler. It is a micro needle pen that comes with a removable battery and one can easily adjust the measurement of the needle according to the length they want. The dial can be rotated according to the length as rotating on the right side will increase the length whereas left will help decrease the length of the needle.

Furthermore, the speed of the device can also be controlled with the help of the speed level control button. It helps the device to start off with a very low speed but gradually the speed tends to increase. The device is suitable for micro needle therapy that requires vibration.

The product specifications of A6 Dr.pen that everyone should know of before using the device are as follows:

  1. Cartridges – 2 pieces
  2. Battery – 2 pieces
  3. Manual – 1 piece
  4. Adapter – 1 piece
  5. Host – 1 piece
  6. Charger – 1 piece

The device should be used under an expert supervision. It should be turned off when it is not is use. Store the device in a cool and dry place and try to avoid the sunlight. This device is strictly not manufactured to be used without professional supervision or guidance.

The product comes with a warranty of 6 months, however free repair and maintenance can be done whenever it is needed. The warranty of the device starts from the day it is purchased.