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Liposonix is an innovative, widely popular fat-reduction procedure that basically changes how people shed off an excess ring of fat around their middle or flab on their inner thighs. Liposonix is a safe, non-invasive fat reduction therapy that uses cutting-edge ultrasonic technology. So is Liposonix the right option for you? Here is what you need to know about Liposonix.

What is Liposonix, and How Does It Work?

Liposonix is a new cellulite and fat removal method. The procedure delivers results equivalent to traditional liposuction by applying focused ultrasonic pulses of energy, yet unlike liposuction, liposonix is non-invasive. As a result, it does not necessitate incisions, stitches, extended recovery times, or expensive surgery fees.

Liposonix uses cutting-edge technology to concentrate high-intensity ultrasonic energy into concerted waves capable of safely passing through the skin tissue’s outer layers and entering the intravenous fat cells under the skin’s surface. Unfortunately,the ultrasonic radiation causes the fat cells to heat up to the point of destruction.

The body’s natural healing process will take control once the fat cells are gone. The body’s lymphatic system will progressively eliminate the damaged fat cells from the treatment location over several weeks. These accumulated fat cells will be excreted from the body as waste.

What Makes Liposonix Unique?

Liposonix provides a distinct approach to body shaping that combines sound science, specific contouring, and consistent result. The three most significant factors that distinguish Liposonix from others are as follows:

Non-Surgical And Non-Invasive

Liposuction and other minimally invasive fat reduction techniques are all surgical procedures. As a result, they all come with surgical risks, side effects, and significant recovery time. However, because Liposonix does not require surgery, you can avoid needles, incisions, and sutures. Furthermore, you can continue your regular activities immediately following treatment because there is little to no downtime.

Advanced HIFU Technology

Other non-invasive fat removal procedures, such as lasers and radiofrequency, involve the majority of the energy applied, giving absorbed, or spread throughout the skin’s surface. Unfortunately, this only results in a short reduction of fat since the energy do not reach deeply enough into the subcutaneous fat tissue. Liposonix, on the other hand, employs high-intensity focused ultrasound (HIFU) energy, which has two key advantages. First, the ultrasonic energy swiftly penetrates the skin surface and destroys the targeted fat tissue without damaging the skin itself. Second, the ‘high-intensity,’ ‘directed’ energy produces consistent outcomes in a one-hour therapy.

Custom Contouring

Individual requirements for lowering body fat are always different. While all other non-invasive fat reduction technologies have limited ability to address particular problem areas or require many sessions lasting several hours to cure fat effectively, Liposonix provides a fully personalized treatment. In addition, it is a versatile approach that allows for precise control over the region and type of energy administration, allowing for optimal targeting of undesirable fat tissues and elimination in a single session.

Where Does the Fat Go After Liposonix?

Fat cells that have been damaged by ultrasound energy activate the body’s inflammatory and healing responses. Fat and cellular detritus are engulfed by macrophages, which are special cells. The fat is then transported by macrophages through the venous and lymphatic systems to the liver. Because this procedure takes 2-4 weeks, no changes in fat, triglyceride, or other body chemistries occur. The fat from macrophages is treated by the liver the same way it does fat from food. The fat is absorbed by the liver and metabolized properly. Other body measurements have not increased after using LipoSonix, according to studies. This means that there is no measurable fat redistribution. We know it can’t return to the treatment region since those cells don’t exist anymore.

What is better: CoolSculpting or Liposonix?

CoolSculpting and Liposonix are both noninvasive fat reduction procedures. While CoolSculpting uses fat freezing or cryolipolysis, Liposonix uses ultrasonic energy. Both non-invasive fat reduction technologies produce results weeks or months after your body has had time to eject the targeted fat cells. However, while both procedures are similar, the side effects and dangers of CoolSculpting can be more severe than Liposonix. So, you may want to seek Liposonix as an alternative body-shaping procedure.

Does Liposonix Hurt?

Liposonix should not be painful when conducted by qualified specialists in a reputed cosmetic medical clinic. However, some patients may suffer moderate discomfort during treatment, limited to the treatment area. The discomfort is comparable to sunburn and is just transitory; if it occurs. It can quickly be alleviated with over-the-counter pain medicines.

Another appealing aspect of the liposonix technique is that it usually does not require any downtime. The majority of patients resume their normal daily activities shortly following the surgery. Some individuals may have tenderness soon following treatment, while others may develop slight bruising near the treatment site. This is very normal and only transitory. Even when patients suffer sensitivity or slight bruising, the pain is rarely severe enough to interfere with routine daily activities.

How Is Non-Surgical Liposuction Performed?

Before arranging a LipoSonix session, it is critical to understand the entire procedure. This non-surgical liposuction technique is described in detail below.


It’s recommended you meet with your cosmetic medicine doctors before booking your first LipoSonix session. They will assist you in determining whether LipoSonix is the best treatment option. If you are not in the optimal weight range or they do not believe LipoSonix is the best treatment for you, they will recommend another cosmetic procedure. Your first session will be scheduled if you are deemed a good candidate for Liposonix therapy. There is no need to prepare before your treatment.


You can recline back comfortably during your LipoSonix session while your cosmetic medical specialists deliver your treatment. A handheld gadget will transmit high-intensity focused ultrasound waves deep into your problem areas’ tissues. LipoSonix treatment is most commonly used in the stomach, buttocks, back, thighs, or arms.

The ultrasonic energy sent into your skin and subcutaneous tissue specifically target the fat cells in that area. This energy effectively destroys fat cells and increases the inflammatory response in the body. Fat cells are transported from troubled locations and processed by the liver before being evacuated by the lymphatic drainage system.


You will be able to return home and resume normal activity as soon as your LipoSonix session is finished. There will be no recovery or downtime. Some people may require several therapy sessions to achieve the best outcomes. During your initial session, this will be addressed and determined.

After your first session, the fat removal process will take 2-4 weeks. This process will continue in the next weeks. Therefore, the complete results of your LipoSonix treatment may take up to three months. Many individuals report that their clothes fit better or have lost up to 1.8 inches around their waist. LipoSonix also tightens the skin, making patients feel smaller and more toned.

Who Is a Good Candidate for Liposonix?

There are specific requirements for deciding whether Liposonix is the right procedure for you. Generally, a person should have at least one inch of extra fat in the area to be treated. A one-hour Liposonix treatment can eliminate up to an inch of fat. However, if a person has less than one inch of fat, the procedure may not be worth it.

The treatments require that you are at or near a healthy weight. Before liposuction, the advice is usually to be within 30% of the desired weight. Liposonix is recommended for people with a BMI of 30 or less. It’s critical to note that the treatment is simply intended to form the shape. They are not intended for weight loss and will not help you lose those last few obstinate pounds.

Is Liposonix Safe?

Liposonix is entirely risk-free and has been FDA-approved “for non-invasive waist circumference reduction.” The Liposonix system summary report to the FDA can be found here. Furthermore, because liposonix is non-invasive, it avoids all of the terrifying risks associated with liposuction and other fat-reduction procedure that require plastic surgeons, operating rooms, scalpel-made incisions, and general anesthesia.

What Results Can You Expect from Liposonix?

This procedure is meant for application on the belly and love handles to sculpt and slim the midsection. As the body processes the damaged fat cells and the skin tightens to the newly created contours, the results manifest gradually. Clients often show visible results within the first 4-8 weeks and continue to see improvements over the next few months. Each treatment lasts around an hour, and clients can expect to lose 3-5cm, or one clothing size, from their waistline!


LipoSonix non-surgical liposuction may be the ideal option if you wish to lose weight without surgery. LipoSonix uses strong ultrasonic waves to directly target fat cells and remove them from the body, assisting you in sculpting the physique you’ve desired. To experience the long-term benefits of liposonix, it is critical to regulate your weight and live a healthy lifestyle.

If you’re ready to reveal a thinner body and a more confident self, you need to work with a reputable clinic that has dedicated itself to transforming lives. We also encourage you to speak with your physician about any concerns or questions you may have.