Liposonix is ideal for people keen on losing some obstinate fat that dieting and exercise cannot budge. Now, people can get a Liposonix machine for use at home.


Many people are not overweight. However, they have fat in some areas that refuse to go away despite exercise and dieting. Now, they can resort to a secure non-invasive treatment that is referred to as Liposonix. The procedure is of approximately an hour. Results vary from a person to another. However, the average reduction in waistline that the procedure brings about is an inch. The fat loss is evident 8 to 12 weeks from the day of treatment.

What is Liposonix treatment?

Liposonix Slimming Machine70

Liposonix treatment isn’t a substitute for a liposuction surgery or a proper lifestyle. It isn’t a technique of losing weight. What is it? It’s a non-invasive approach to the reduction of waist circumference that people may use for aesthetic purposes.

The Liposonix method draws on progressive HIFU technology for the permanent destruction of specific fat just underneath the skin. The areas where fat is destroyed are the tummy and flanks. It’s a non-invasive practice of reducing waist circumference for aesthetic purposes. Going by the Clinical studies that Medicis Technologies Corporation did the average reduction of waist circumference from one treatment is 2.6 cm. However, the result varies from a person to another. Results are evident between 8 and 12 weeks from the treatment.

Top scientists and ultrasound connoisseurs experienced in the development of ultrasound devices for therapeutic and diagnostic purposes developed this technology.

This treatment resorts to HIFU energy for killing fat cells in a confined area of the human body. The fat cells being destroyed, the natural processes of the human body absorb the lifeless cells with time. The result is lesser fat cells in the targeted areas and a thinner waistline.

Liposonix is different from liposuction is that it isn’t a surgical method. The machine deployed in the treatment delivers HIFU energy to the fat layer beneath the skin.

Liposonix is an excellent option for an area with too dense fat for the applicator to suck in. Coolsculpting is a first-rate treatment. However, it can only work when the applicator can suck the fat in. In contrast, Liposonix functions on even surfaces.

Liposonix is exclusive amongst the body contouring technologies

Liposonix resorts to HIFU to generate a potent thermal effect that destroys directed fat in the tummy and flanks. Liposonix procedure focuses energy at precise depths in the fat while not doing damage to the adjacent tissue or non-directed areas. Treatments are customizable to direct precise problem spots or work over considerable treatment ranges in one session. What is the result?  Efficient and potent treatment is provided in a session of one hour.

LipoSonix cannot help with Weight Loss – why?

LipoSonix isn’t an ultrasound weight loss technique. The procedure disrupts the fat cells permanently. However, the fat remains in the cells. The cells are delivered to the liver, which treats them like the food people consume. After the liver processes them, the fat is delivered to fat cells in different body areas. That explains why LipoSonix does not help with weight loss. The procedure helps take some inches off problem areas.

Below are the several advantages of Liposonix.

Liposonix does not require surgery

As no surgery is involved in Liposonix treatment, patients need practically no down-time after the procedure. The patients can straightaway get on with their day-to-day activities on the completion of this procedure of approximately an hour. A surgical procedure usually needs patients to take days of leave from their work to recover. Those who have the Liposonix treatment can get back to work right after departing from the clinic.

Being a non-invasive procedure, surgeons don’t apply a numbing cream to the areas treated. Moreover, this procedure doesn’t have the usual risks of surgery.

While the procedure is underway, patients could sense some discomfort. The reason is that energy is delivered to the layer of fat underneath the skin. At Clinics, surgeons administer a painkiller to patients before the treatment. It is natural for patients to be apprehensive about any discomfort they may have during the procedure. They must discuss their aesthetic surgeon before the treatment.

This fat-loss procedure is effective

Though Liposonix does not involve surgery, the procedure is super-effective in removing fat in undesirable places. The Liposonix procedure is meant for people with dynamic and vigorous lifestyles who wish to lessen their waistline more. A single Liposonix procedure could help individuals lose as much as 4 to 5 cm of fat on their waist.  4 to 5 cm is approximately the same as one pant size.

In this procedure, fat cells below the skin are directly destroyed. Thus, people are guaranteed of having less fat in the target area on the completion of the treatment. Some non-surgical treatments for weight loss lessen water in the human body or fats present in the cells. Liposonix isn’t like them and ensures that fat won’t recur in the destroyed cells ever. Thus, this treatment is the best to eliminate obstinate body fat that won’t budge despite the effort of people. People who take this treatment will be slimmer and have a more even and toned skin.

Innovative HIFU Technology

Some non-invasive fat lessening techniques are present, including radiofrequency, lasers, and more. The greater part of the energy applied in these techniques gets absorbed by the skin or is spread over the surface. The result is a temporary lessening of fat. The reason is that the energy doesn’t infiltrate the subcutaneous fat tissue sufficiently. However, Liposonix applies HIFU energy. It has two noteworthy benefits. The energy reaches the directed fat tissue by infiltrating the skin surface and disrupts them while not affecting the skin. The ‘intense’ and ‘focused’ energy brings steadfast results in one session of an hour.

Liposonix is customizable to suit the fat-loss needs of a person

Liposonix does not just function in the waist but several areas on the human body. Non-invasive contouring devices are present. They slim down areas of the human body. However, they are effective in some limited areas of the human body. Moreover, several sessions that last several hours are required to treat fat effectively. Liposonix presents a fully customizable treatment. The Liposonix procedure is very multipurpose and is of use on the back, thighs, and buttocks. However, those who’re keen on applying the procedure in these areas should seek the advice of their aesthetic surgeon.

LipoSonix – How does it work?

This procedure is very much in trend. Yet, many people have questions about how the procedure works. This procedure resorts to an exclusive technology termed HIFU for the safe and effective death of fat cells. The ultrasound energy of the procedure is targeted between 1 and 2 cm beneath the skin. Thus, there is no trauma or burns to the skin, and thus the procedure is comfortable. HIFU disrupts the fat cells and causes an average lessening of waist size of between 4 and 5 cm in an hour.


  • The GP has a detailed consultation with the patients to ascertain if the treatment is correct for them
  • The GP gets consent from the patients. He or she also obtains before and after evaluation parameters that include weight, pictures, and circumference of the waistanticoagulants or platelet inhibitors.
  • The surgeon uses a surgical pen to outline the precise area of the patient that is being treated
  • The surgeon prepares the Liposonix system and places the device head right on the treated area
  • The surgeon directs the Liposonix device at the targeted part. He focusses on high-intensity ultrasound energy to the targeted part. This guarantees that just the surplus fat is targeted and no damage is caused to the skin
  • This ultrasound energy enters the layers of fat between 1 and 2 cm beneath the skin
  • The surgeon moves the device head around the targeted part until the whole part is covered
  • The body heals naturally for the ensuing 8 to 12 weeks and removes the disrupted fat cells

Where does the excess fat go after LipoSonix?

The healing and inflammatory responses of the patients work on the fat cells that are disrupted by HIFU. Unique cells termed macrophages surround the cellular and fat debris. Next, the macrophages deliver the fat via the venous and lymphatic system. The fat finally ends up in the liver. This procedure takes 2 to 4 weeks to complete, and no changes occur in triglyceride, fat, or any body chemistry. The fat from the macrophages in the liver is similar to the fact that humans consume. The liver metabolizes the fat normally. Researches do not reveal a rise in other body measurements following LipoSonix. Thus, there’s no computable redistribution of fat. There is no chance of redistribution of fat as the cells don’t exist.

How is Liposonix better than CoolSculpt

Just like Liposonix, CoolSculpt destroys fat cells permanently and reduces the size of the body part that is treated. Liposonix and CoolSculpt are similar in several ways. Both are in-office procedures performed on an outpatient basis. Both take approximately an hour.  Both the procedures cause some tender inflammation and bruising in the area treated.  In both the processes, results will start to show after a minimum of 3 months. In both, improvement can happen for 6 months.  However, Liposonix scores over CoolSculpt is some ways. They are:

  • There is no chance of fat hypertrophy is Liposonix. In CoolSculpt, there is a possibility of fat hypertrophy
  • Patients of Liposonx do not experience pain or experience very little pain after the procedure.  Patients of CoolSculpt can have acute pain in the area treated. An average of 10% of patients experiences pain.  Patients can experience pain for 6 months and more, and it can be tough to treat
  • Liposonix tightens the skin.  CoolSculpt doesn’t tighten the skin

Who all can undergo the Liposonix procedure?

It is expected that Liposonix isn’t the correct procedure for everyone. The person must be near to the perfect shape and size but with obstinate fat unaffected by dieting and exercise. The person who can undergo Liposonix is established based on several factors. They are:

  • A BMI of below 30. An individual whose BMI is over 30 is likely to be better suited to liposuction
  • The quantity of fat present in the problem area – The area has to have “fat” of a minimum of 1 inch. A fat layer that is less than an inch most likely won’t require treatment
  • The general health of the individual

Does the process have any Side Effects?

Patients could experience minor side effects while the treatment is underway and on completion of the treatment. They are usually minor and last for some hours or some days at most. The side effects include:

  • While treatment is underway: Discomfort, Pain, feeling of cold or warmth, tingling or prickling or sensation
  • On the completion of the Treatment: Discomfort, Pain, tenderness, redness, inflammation, bruising

Is the procedure safe?

The Liposonix procedure is safe as it works exclusively on the targeted cells and doesn’t affect the adjacent cells.

However, some people cannot get the procedure done. Who are they?

  • Ladies who’re trying to conceive, are expectant or are lactating
  • People who suffer from hernia or bleeding disorder should also not do the procedure
  • People on any medication and people with an implanted electrical device should seek the advice of their GP
  • Patients who underwent liposuction, surgery, or lipolysis in an area cannot have this procedure in that area
  • Patients who had scars and tattoos in some areas cannot have the procedure in those areas. The reason is that there is a possibility of acoustic effects

What can people expect from the treatment?

Some people may expect to lessen quite a few inches from the first procedure. In that case, their expectations are most likely too high. Those who do one procedure would see a drop in jean size. They will see the full results within 8 to 12 weeks. Some people may be concerned about not seeing results fast. They should know that the body requires time to get rid of the disrupted fat tissues naturally.

What is the number of treatments needed for results?

People are going to see results from their first procedure. However, it is possible that some people have more problem areas or would like more lessening of inches. They could need more treatment sessions. They should seek the advice of the doctor. Why? He or she is the best person to advise on scheduling the treatments.

The latest machine that has the power of HIFU and liposonix

People can now purchase the Hifu liposonix 2 in 1 machine. This body-slimming machine is best described as a beauty device that is ideal for removing wrinkles and face lifting. The machine is non-invasive. The machine has precise action on the SMAS area of the face to accomplish the desired anti-aging result.

The machine has heads of various infiltrating capacities for various needs

The machine has three heads for different parts of the face. They are:

  • 5 mm head – the head has the required ultrasound to infiltrate the skin to 1.5 mm. It activates the skin in thinner tissue. An example is the eye zone
  • 0 mm head – the head has the ultrasound to infiltrate the skin to 3.0 mm. It is suitable for use on the chin and the chest
  • 5 mm head – the head has the ultrasound to infiltrate to 4.5 mm and is suitable for thicker skin, examples being neck, cheeks, and more

These heads that have different infiltrating capacities are a great advantage of this machine. The machine doesn’t just act on fibrous tissue. It can act on deeper layers of the SMAS system. Thus, the machine is ideal for those who want a facelift.

The machine also has an 8 mm head and a 13 mm head. They can infiltrate the skin to 8 mm and 13 mm respectively and helps with body slimming and fat loss.

The machine produces focused ultrasound HIFU of high intensity

The machine emits HIFU energy that infiltrates the skin. Every point that the energy reaches under the skin can reach a temperature of between 65 and 70℃. Thus, the machine reaches the high the highest temperature amongst all the non-invasive skin tightening machines.

Hifu liposonix 2 in 1 machine – The treatment scope                                           

  • The removal of wrinkles on the forehead, mouth, eyes, and more
  • The lifting and tightening of cheek skin.
  • Better skin elasticity and better contour of the face
  • Improvement of the jawline, reduction of “marionette lines”.
  • The tightening of skin tissue on the forehead, the lifting of eyebrows lines
  • Improvement in the complexion of the skin. Helps make the skin bright and delicate
  • Removal of post-delivery stretch marks
  • Usable with Hyaluronic acid and collagen injections and more to address the more aging dilemma
  • The removal of wrinkles on the neck and this protection against neck aging
  • Making the body thin and making the skin tighter
  • Reduction of fat
  • Making the body slim and helping with body shaping
  • Reduction of Double Chin
  • And more


Treatment options for face lifting

While you are talking about a facelift, then you can choose the High-intensity focused ultrasound. It is a type of cosmetic treatment that is new in the medical world. It is effective because the treatment is painless; no needle is invaded in your body. The treatment uses ultrasound energy that provokes collagen production under the skin which results in skin firming.


High-intensity focused ultrasound or HIFU is also used to treat tumors. Once after getting approval from the Food and Drug Administration in 2009, the technique is started using for curing the wrinkle of the face.

How safe treatment is?

To check the safety of the process several clinical trials have been done. And through those, the effectiveness of the treatment is proved. It is a very effective treatment that helps to reduce the appearance of the wrinkles. You see the result in a few months after undergoing the treatment. The best part of the treatment is that it is completely risk-free so one cannot wait for the recovery after the treatment. The treatment consists of face lifting, tightening, face rejuvenation, etc. HIFU is capable of replacing the facelift and that is also risk-free. The younger people do not need time for recovery as well. However, if the patient has sagging skin then the treatment will not be that effective.

Time for face lifting treatment


Aging is inevitable and that causes skin sagging. So, when you see that your jawline and neck are sagging then you should know that you need the facelifting treatment. Usually, people who reached 30 years old or more are prescribed with the treatment. The treatment will not work for the sagging sin and that is the reason a person with moderate skin laxity will get the better result. If someone’s skin is severely photodamaged then also the treatment will not be effective.  People with cystic acne or already have a metallic implant in the body are not asked to undergo HIFU.

Professional HIFU facial


The HIFU is an ultrasound skin treatment that targets the layers of the skin. It transmits heat to the tissue; the objective is to take the tissue to the optimal temperature. This causes minor damage in the cells, but that damage essentially provokes the collagen production that will again tighten the skin. Collagen is a type of protein that remains in the skin layers. Once the collagen is produced, it will reduce the wrinkles and fine lines. In the animal skin collagen is abundant, and the role of collagen is to make the skin firmer. With age, skin reduces producing collagen and that causes skin sagging as collagen provides a structure to the skin.


The increase of collagen will help to get the skin tighter so one will look much younger of his/her age. The ultrasound beams are applied to the targeted area by the professionals so that the inner layer of the skin does not get affected by the beam. The damage is induced in a calculative way so that collagen can cure the damage.

Benefits of HIFU


As several clinical types of research have already been done on HIFU so the skin specialist can claim that HIFU is beneficial; so, let’s talk about the benefit of the treatment.


  • Tightening the sagging skin of face and neck
  • Reduces the wrinkles on the face
  • Re-define the jawline
  • Helps in lifting the cheeks, eyebrows, etc.
  • Smoothens out the skin


Recovery time after the treatment

There has to be a recovery time after the treatment is done. The first day after the treatment you need someone to help you out. You should not go out directly in the sun once the treatment is done. Usually, it takes 10 days to get recovered, and the dermatologist asks the patient to stay in the house during the day. Once you are recovered you can get back to work.


How long does the result last?

While you have already undergone the treatment, this question will eventually come to your mind. The lasting time of the facelift treat will depend on how well you are taking care of your skin. There is no short cut to take care of your skin, so you need to bring a healthy change to your lifestyle to maintain your lifted skin. However, no clinic will ensure you with a specific to which the result will last.


You need to avoid going out in the sun, and even if you do you need to apply sunscreen. Sun is the main culprit that causes faster aging. So, once the treatment is done, you need to consult with your dermatologist regarding a good sunscreen. Apart from sunscreen you also need to keep your skin hydrated and for that, you need a cream. You need to follow a skincare routine at night and in the morning. On the other hand, you also need to improve your diet to incorporate healthy food. To let the treatment’s result last you need to ensure that your diet does not have junk food in it.


The expectation from the HIFU treatment

People opt for the treatment to bring back their youthful glow to their face and after the treatment is done you will get to the visible change to your face. It is effective for all types of skin tone if the skin has no major problem. You will get the complete change after three months as you need to let the collagen work under the upper layer of the skin. You may experience a little swelling on the skin but it will heal in 10 days. All you need to do is to follow the suggestions that were given by the dermatologist.


The dermatologist first analyzes the condition of the skin before he or she suggest the session for you. If the wrinkle and laxity are minor on the face then one session will be enough to lift the face.


Prevention of skin sagging

As there is a time till which the treatment will last so you need to follow a routine that will not let sagging back to you before the time. The tips are given below-

  • You need to do facial exercise regularly so that your jawline remains enhanced.


  • You need to massage your face properly to keep the blood circulation normal


  • Using sunscreen in the morning, no matter whether you are out or staying indoors.


  • You need to use anti-wrinkle cream so that you can keep your skin hydrated.


  • Ensure to have a healthy meal without adding junk food to it


Technology of  Liposonix Slimming Equipment?

It is a non-invasive treatment to correct the shape of the body. The specialty of the treatment is, it is done on the people who are near to their ideal shape. If the person has stubborn fat then it will not be corrected through the procedure. It takes an hour to complete the task, and the result may vary depending on the body type. Usually, it has been noticed that to reduce the waistline it takes a maximum of 12 weeks and reduction is done approximately one inch.


Things to know about Liposuction Weight Loss

People with flabby waist or thing opt for such treatment. It is a cosmetic procedure to correct your body. The treatment is usually done on hips, thighs, belly, waist, arms, under the chin, etc. to give those parts a proper shape. The particular treatment is also done with plastic surgeries like breast reduction, and tummy tuck.


It is essential to know that liposuction does not reduce the appearance of the cellulite. Some criteria will help you to get the treatment done successfully.


  • Before opting for the treatment you need to quit smoking to get the maximum effect.
  • You need to have skin elasticity so that sagging does not occur
  • You need to be within 30% of your bodyweight that is ideal for your height and body type.
  • The person should not have any heart disease, blood pressure, and diabetes.


What are the things that require attention?


Apart from the above-mentioned criteria, you need to go through a process where a thorough check-up will be done. You need to find an efficient doctor who is articulated with the process and knows how the machine works. If you have minor allergies, or blood pressure related issues then the doctor will keep you under medication for a particular course of time.


What to expect regarding Liposuction Weight Loss?


Usually, the liposuction takes place at the doctor’s clinic. So, you need to find a professional place that maintains a basic safety measure. The person who has gone through the process of liposuction can return home on the same day. The process of liposuction is interesting as the doctor first mark the areas where the work will be done. The doctor often takes pictures of the places where the work will be done.

How does the HIFU body slimming machine work?


HIFU or High-Intensity Focused Ultrasound can penetrate up to 1.2 cm depth in the fat layers. The ray then creates a non-thermal effect in the fat-tissue. Although, the blood vessels, epidermis, and nerves are not affected due to the ultrasound; on the other hand, your body will be able to purge the triglyceride, and fatty acid from the cells through the blood circulation. This is the way through which the advanced HIFU liposuction treatment reduces the fat from the body.


Facts about liposonix slimming treatment

  • It targets the stubborn fat in your body especially around the waistline
  • You can always customize the target area for the treatment
  • Once you do the treatment, you will get to see the noticeable result
  • It is a nonsurgical process so it will give a painless experience.
  • The procedure is safe as it is clinically proven so one will not have to face any worry.
  • You can do body thinning, skin tightening, fat reduction, body slimming, etc.
  • The treatment promotes the metabolic rate in your body that results in fat reduction.


How to prevent further weight gain?

Even after you have gone through the liposuction procedure to reduce weight and perfecting your body, you need to maintain your body. You need to maintain a healthy weight and healthy body so that you get the best of the benefits after the treatment. You need to maintain a healthy lifestyle to maintain a healthy weight. There is nothing better than regular exercise, you need to do a regular workout that suits your health. You need to do some cardio and weight training to be in shape.


If you have a habit of walking then there is nothing better than regular walking. You need to walk as much as you can it will increase the metabolic rate and it will keep the blood circulation normal. Besides exercise, you need to keep your diet clean by ensuring healthy food in your diet. You need to renounce unhealthy food like sugar, deep-fried food, and junk food. You need to drink a lot of water and incorporate fruits and vegetables into your diet so that you get adequate nutrition.


An idea about the HIFU liposonic machine

The HIFU liposonic machine is used for several cosmetic treatments from fat reduction to face lifting. The machine sends an ultrasound wave that is high in intensity and can penetrate to 4.5 mm in the skin layer without damaging the upper part of the skin. It turns up the thermal effect by coagulating the thermal in microdots. The dots stimulate the skin and that leads to the self healing process.

Parts of the HIFU machine

  • Tool
  • Scan light
  • Brightening adjust
  • Total shot
  • Rest of shots
  • Lengthen
  • Ready button
  • Energy
  • Present treatment zone
  • Depth of cartridge
  • Account shots


How the treatment is done?

  • To start with the treatment process first the doctor cleans up the skin
  • then the doctor marks out the area of the skin
  • Then the doctor apply the gel on the targeted area
  • After that, the doctor regulates the bearable energy
  • Taking care of the special area so that nerve does not get affected
  • Once the treatment is done you can use the skincare product
  • To get the final result one needs to wait at least 3 months


Precautions before the treatment

  • Before the treatment starts the representative of the clinic needs to check whether all the cables properly placed, and no cable is damaged.
  • If the patient has taken any prior injection then he/she should inform the doctor regarding the treatment.


Handing the operation process

To start with the process the representatives of the clinic need to after checking the energy output need to press the start button. After pressing the start button the key will turn green. The doctor holds the handle of the gun and there is a switch to operate the energy. The doctor decides how much energy it requires transmitting into the skin.

Facts to know

  • If the machine is being operated non-stop, then the doctor needs to fix an area where the gun will be kept static. If the area gets over-heated then the gun is removed from the area. The gun is rubbed against the skin slowly so that suitable thermal energy is transmitted.


  • The energy is different for different body parts, so the doctor operates the energy as per the area of the body which is being treated.


  • The duration of the treatment is 50 to 60 minutes. Once the treatment is done the area will get a little swollen.


  • One should not take a hot water bath after treatment.


How the marking is done?

To do the treatment marking is very important. One needs to identify the area and then draw the line wisely. The line is being drawn properly so that the area looks perfect.

In the case of marking on the face, the doctor keeps in mind that the thyroid cartilages around the ears do not get affected. After the drawing is done, the marking card is placed on the marked area so that ultrasound is transmitted to the area properly.

Lastly, the machine is capable of doing a revolution in one’s body. The representative of the clinic should install the machine properly. You need to read the user manual so that machine is installed. Without proper installation, the work will not be done. The output and input of the machine should be properly connected. The representative of the clinic should check whether there is no cut out in the wire. The treatment requires a gel and the clinic needs to make sure that they get is not harmful to the skin.