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NProuduct​: tool UVC Sterilizer Cabinet

Instrument classification: Class III

After-sale Service: Online technical support

Mode of Disinfection: Ultraviolet Ray + Ozone

UV wavelength: 200-300nm (UVC)

Power of Ultraviolet Ray:8W

Material: ABS+ Stainless +UV light

Capability: 12L

Function: Disinfect all kinds of small tools (include metal, glass, plastic etc

Voltage: 220V/50Hz 110V/60Hz

Product size / Weight: 355mm*220mm*255 mm / 3.3KG

Warranty: 1 year

Description of portable uv light sterilizer box machine:

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Details of portable uv light sterilizer box machine:


Specification sheet of uv sterilizer box: 

Product parameter
Product Name UV light Tools Disinfection Sterilizer
Model number XD008
Capability 12L
UV wavelength 200-300nm
Mode of Disinfection Ultraviolet Ray (8W) + Ozone
Material ABS+ Stainless +UV light
Product size 355mm×220mm×255 mm
Functions Disinfect all kinds of small tools (include tools of metal, glass, plastic & paper etc)
Voltage 220V/50Hz 110V/60Hz
Net weight 3.3KG

Structure of uv sanitizer box:

Details of uv disinfection box:

Stainless steel shelf,
8W Ultraviolet light + Ozone,
Power Button & Digital Display,
Safe Three-core Euro plug

UV Disinfection Sterilizer Features:

1. UV light + Ozone —— high safety & strong disinfection effect.

2. Disinfect all types of tools, include mental, plastic & paper etc

3. Personalized design—— lights on and off automatically
4. High quality——ABS & stainless steel shelf

5 .Adjustable time ——15/30/ 45/ 60 minutes



Functions of tools sterilizer:

The professional tools sterilizer is suitable for disinfecting some beauty salon tools , which can completely kill all kinds of bacteria and germs. Meanwhile, it is safe, economical and high efficient for tools disinfection.


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