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“We are what we eat” might hold some truth, but sometimes this famous quote doesn’t work for some people. When treating Cellulite, exercising and dieting may not show the results. This is where VelaShape body contouring treatment works.
Our hormones or even lifestyle can result in cellulite buildup, which is super challenging to get rid of. Fortunately, some immersive technologies help to remove lumpy skin conditions – VelaShape is one of them. If you want to feel and look confident about your body, you can opt for the fat removal methods.
If you’re tired of trying different methods to eliminate Cellulite, you’ve come to the right place. Here’s everything you need to know about the VelaShape technique to help you know how it suits you and why you need to choose them. Without further ado, let’s get started.

What is VelaShape?

It refers to a noninvasive cellulite treatment that combines numerous techniques to shape the body. The high-tech VelaShape device emits RF energy and infrared light to promote collagen production and dissolve fat cells. It helps stimulate blood circulation and lymphatic drainage and reduce connective tissue fibrous bands.
With this emerging and popular technology, you can safely achieve a contoured, toned, and overall well-shaped body in usually three sessions.

How VelaShape Treatment Works?

VelaShape uses infrared light, suction, and bipolar radiofrequency energy to give fantastic body contouring results. The suction, accompanied by rollers, brings the target area closer to radiofrequency and infrared energy. During this phase, rollers massage your body while radiofrequency and infrared energy dissolves fat cells.
The device also stimulates collagen fibers to contract and makes your skin tighter. This way, VelaShape reduces the circumference and Cellulite of the targeted area, helping the client look slimmer and youthful.

What are the Pros and Cons of VelaShape?


·There is no recovery time, and you don’t need to avoid normal activities.
·It’s a simple and easy treatment that doesn’t take long. Typically, every session takes around 20 to 30 minutes.
·The procedure is painless.
·It’s safe for all skin tones and types.
·This treatment works well with other procedures.


· It requires multiple sessions, usually 3 to 6, with a gap of a few weeks. Most devices can give you results in just three treatments.
·Your results will not be permanent; people need 3 to 4 follow-up sessions yearly to maintain excellent results.
·Each individual gets different results based on their body, and some might not get the expected outcomes.
·It’s not a fat reduction procedure.

Which Body Parts can be treated with VelaShape?

There are some particular areas that you can treat with cellulite treatment. It works best for your arms, neck (under the chin), thighs, abdomen, buttocks, and flank. Generally, patients experience gradual and cumulative outcomes throughout the treatment regime.
Remember, this noninvasive procedure is not a weight loss treatment. It uses cutting-edge technologies to contour your body and offer results you can’t achieve from exercise and diet. Before considering this body contouring procedure, you must discuss it with your doctor. They will assist you in determining whether you can contour the desired body part and what to expect from the sessions.

Who is the Ideal Candidate for a Body Contouring Treatment?

The ideal candidates for the VelaShape procedure are those who are fit and healthy. Also, people with a stable and healthy weight and no skin infections can seek this noninvasive body contouring treatment.
So, if you tick all the requirement boxes of the VelaShape, you can surely opt for this procedure. However, like most other body contouring techniques, it’s not suitable for pregnant women or individuals with any implant, especially metal implants.
It is also not recommended for people with pacemakers or electronic devices. On top of that, if you are taking blood thinners, you must stop taking them at least five days before your session. This is important to reduce the significant risk of severe bruising. If you are unsure about being a good candidate for the VelaShape, you can discuss it with a professional.

Does VelaShape get rid of Cellulite?

The VelaShape procedure offers you excellent results based on your chosen treatment area. You can at least expect to reduce 1 to 3 centimeters from the targeted area. Besides that, you can also witness a decrease in the quantity and visibility of cellulite in the targeted area after completing the recommended number of sessions. Your skin seems tighter and more toned.
Therefore, VelaShape is an excellent technique for many people who seek an immediate fix to increase self-esteem and build confidence without working out or dieting.

Difference between VelaShape 2 and 3

The VelaShape 3 is much more potent than VelaShape 2 because of its increased Radio Frequency Power. By choosing VelaShape 3, you can gain results quickly, making them more efficient and promising.
Also, VelaShape 2 and 3 work slightly differently, which is why they give you different results. VelaShape 2 uses combined technologies, commonly known as elos. The vacuum and tissue manipulation process makes your tones your figure and smoothens your skin. This technology targets area with the most fatty tissues, like the buttocks and thighs. This process is incredibly effective if you want to treat the mentioned areas.
VelaShape 3, on the other hand, uses a combination of promising technologies like a vacuum, bi-polar radio frequencies, and infrared rays to target and heat the required area. The radio frequencies of infrared rays reach the fat reserves, surrounding connective fatty acids, and underlying dermal collagens around 3mm to 15mm deep inside your skin.
Note that the higher radio frequency allows the device to produce more heat that will burn more fatty tissues. This strategically designed technology spreads heat to the fats at a much faster rate and a deeper level. Another reason to choose VelaShape 3 over other body contouring treatments is that it can significantly increase your metabolic rate and offer a higher level of collagen depositing.
To make it clear, the treatment has its perks and drawbacks. You need to choose the one based on your needs and preferences. Also, your health, body needs, budget, and other factors play a significant role in deciding which technology is the one for you.

Does VelaShape Treatment Hurt?

VelaShape saves you from invasive body contouring procedures, protecting you from great pain that lasts for months. Many people believe that VelaShape is the most painless and comfortable experience.
Often patients compare this procedure to a body massage. This technology is strategically designed to incorporate methods that don’t cause any pain. No matter how many sessions you undergo, you will not even feel a pinch-like pain.
But you might feel a few warm sensations and experience short-term skin redness. After the treatment, you can return to daily life. Your cosmetic surgeon will recommend you continue your professional or personal tasks after the sitting.

Recovery and Result of VelaShape Treatment

As we have discussed, VelaShape doesn’t need a recovery period or downtime for the recovery. You might feel a bit of swelling if you have sensitive skin. But apart from that, there is no concept of recovery in VelaShape treatment.
Besides that, once you receive the complete treatment, you can start seeing the results after six to eight weeks. The time can vary based on your targeted area, the type of VelaShape you choose, and hired experts. There are instances where people have started noticing results from the first or second session.

Is VelaShape Body Contouring Treatment Safe?

This amazing technology is completely safe and secure. If you choose a skilled, credible, and experienced provider, it will have minimal risks. The only side effects you might experience are bruising, skin redness, or soreness for a few hours or a few days. If you have loose skin, you may also face scabbing or blistering. However, it’s uncommon to face any trouble after the treatment, especially if you have not compromised on choosing the expert.

Bottom Line

In a nutshell, VelaShape has different types, VelaShape 2 and 3, that help you contour your body without undergoing invasive treatment. With VelaShape, you can boost your confidence to stand out in the gathering. The best part is that it’s a safe technique that works best for most people. Make sure to contact reliable and trained experts to offer you quality results.
The noninvasive body contouring procedure VelaShape for the temporary elimination of cellulite and the circumferential reduction of the thighs and belly is approved by FDA. It effectively targets the stomach area, upper arms, buttocks, and thighs. Additionally, it might lessen extra fat and somewhat saggy skin beneath the chin.
There are no special instructions to follow before the procedure. However, it’s better to stay hydrated as it increases the process’s efficiency and makes it easier for radio waves to pass through the water.