Rejuvenate your drooping spirit by introducing the vibrating eye massager for treating tired eyes.3

eye massager Device3


The eye massage machine is an amazing product that has been designed exclusively to provide relaxation to your tired and painful eyes. Eye massagers are a general wonderful tool that has been created with integrated features to provide relaxation to the needed areas with proper techniques. The massager is loaded with enormous goodness such as – headaches facial muscle pain, pressure on the temple, strains of the eye, and other symptoms related to eyesores.

What are eye massagers?

Perfectly designed eye massagers like the Sonic massager are loaded with premium technology products that are unique and functional. The best choice of products comprises of advanced features such as heating technology settings, diverse sizes, and modes for massaging and other improvements.

Since batteries within these massagers can be easily changed without any complications they can be easily carried along while you travel without the fear of losing power. In certain products, you can choose the preferred ranges of temperatures to eliminate puffy dry skin around your eyes by increasing the blood vessel dilation. The stimulation produced during the massaging procedure relieves pressure in the eyes.

Therefore, an eye care device plays the extraordinary role of a professional therapist and relieves your eyes from being hurtful and tired. Once the massage process is completed you will be able to focus completely on your work or any important issues you have to perform without any complications of a nervous breakdown. This is because of the relief generated in your eyes from strains.

With advancements made in technology, there are eye massagers with built-in software for adjusting the pressure intensity and other settings of the facial features. The vibrating eye massager can be operated easily without any complications for providing health and cosmetic advantages. By consistently applying massage therapy you can a good sagging of eyes and wrinkle formation around the areas. It also improves the health of the eyes and prevents bags caused due to usage of computers for a prolonged period.


How does Golden Eye RF Eye Care Device work?

The Golden Eye Rf Eye Care Device is an excellent product that helps in treating puffiness of under eyes, dark circles, eye corner lifting, and remove wrinkles around the eye areas. The eye care massager is also the best choice for obtaining glowing flawless facial skin as it visibly provides skin tightening, skin rejuvenation, face lifting, pore tightening, and wrinkle improvement treatments as a professional therapist. Therefore it is a boon for those who are stressed about their dull skin and lost beauty. Let us learn about these flaws and how the massager helps in regaining your beauty.

Eye treatment options 


  1. Under-eye puffiness 

The bags or puffiness or mild swelling caused under your eyes could be due to several factors and the chief cause being the aging process. As you become old the tissues and muscles that are present around the eye areas supporting the eyelids become weak.

The eyelid will be puffy because the movement of normal fats supporting the skin around the eyes moves and accumulates in the lower part of your eyelids. Sometimes fluids can also get stagnant in the lower areas of the eyelids causing more swelling in those parts of your body.

How does an eye massager help in improving your skin texture?

Massaging the eye areas with Golden Eye Rf Eye Care Device can enhance blood circulation and improve skin quality. It helps in draining fluids, brings clear skin, and reduces eye puffiness.

  • Massage with the device gently around eyebrows.
  • Then go inward near the cheekbones moving towards the bridge of the nose.
  • Massage in circulation around eyebrows and upward movement under the eyebrows bone pressing firmly on either side areas of the tear ducts.
  • Massage the skin around the temples to finish.
  • Avoid dragging of skin as they are very delicate and keep the movement gentle and slow.


Dark eyes 

In today’s world where every person is involved in various technological activities, both women and men form dark circles around the eyes. This condition causes sagging bags under your eyes, which makes you look much older than your age.

Causes of dark circles

  • People who stay awake depriving themselves of deep sound sleep and fatigue conditions cause dark circles beneath their skin.
  • Aging naturally causes puffiness and dark circles under your eyes, because your sags and loses its elasticity.
  • Staring at your mobile or computer or television screen causes a huge strain on the areas around your eyes.  The blood vessel enlargement causes darkness around the eyes.
  • Dryness on the eye areas and other allergic conditions can cause itchiness, inflammation, and puffiness under the eye areas.
  • Dehydration makes the skin areas around the eyes appear dull and dark.
  • Sun exposure is another important factor contributing to the under-eye skin darkening.
  • Dark circles can be due to genetic skin conditions and can be treated with the massager.

Treating with vibrating eye massager

Gently massage the skin around the eyes using the eye care massager and avoid dragging the soft layers. This movement helps in enhancing blood circulation in the areas surrounding the eyes. Massage the eyebrows Nose Bridge and top skin layers of the eyebrows at least thrice. Relax the muscles by simply applying pressure on the eyebrows bone and nose areas. This messaging techniques help in reducing dark circles and brighten the skin.


Eye lifting 


It is a struggle to treat baggy and puffy eyelids caused due to aging and other factors. Eye lifting procedure can be performed using the eye massaging device. It is tough to treat the natural aging process and people opt for eye lifting surgery. But with the Golden Eye Rf Eye Care Device, you can easily reduce the baggy eyelids and puffiness.

You can regain the glowing clear skin and look beautifully young without spending on expensive surgeries. Therefore, it is a wiser option to invest in the best eye massager for immediate relief without pain.

Steps to eye lifting with the massager 

Gently massaging under the eyes and facial skin areas increases blood flow, nourishes your skin layers, regenerates, and expands oxygenation to the skin rapidly.

This eye care device transforms your skin to look brighter, firmer, and plumper by draining the fluids and reducing the eye strain. You Can experience changes visibly, as massaging relieves tension, reduces headaches, softens the eyes crow feet condition, and improving skin texture within weeks of the treatment.

Inner eye lift

  • Apply gentle pressure with the device by locating the skin layers on the 4 corners surrounding the inner eye layers.
  • Hold on for few seconds at every point and keep repeating this process until the skin comes tender.

Outer eye lift 

  • The lower eye area should be massaged by applying minimal pressure on the middle bone of eyebrows, around the socket in the outer eye and central skin layers of the eye socket.
  • Massage for a few seconds and relax.

Eyebrows lift

  • Calming the tensions in areas between the eyebrows helps in softening and reducing vertical lines.
  • Place the vibrating eye massagerin between the eyebrows and gently massage those areas. As the tension is released you can experience a rejuvenation of the skin.


Cheek lift

  • The massager helps in draining fluids and lifting the sagging skin.
  • Pinch the skin layers around the cheekbone starting underneath.
  • Hold on for few seconds firmly and slowly start messaging on the nose corners. This will energize and do wonders to your skin.
  • Massage the cheekbones and hold on for a few seconds. Repeat this process thrice for better results and form skin.
  • Continue massaging in upward directions across the cheekbone layers leading on to jawbones.



Formation of wrinkles on surrounding areas of your skin Premature has become a common problem in recent times. Skin layers surrounding your eyes are very sensitive and softer than any other skin parts.

Causes of wrinkles

  • The first signs of aging could be the formation of wrinkles and its visibility.
  • Smoking surely can cause crows feet as the skin get cranked and damaged. It breaks elastin and collagen and restricts the supply of essential nutrients for your skin.
  • Exposure to the harmful UV Ray can cause wrinkles, rough skin texture, and lines around the eyes before aging.
  • Certain unhealthy habits like sleeping with cheeks placed on a pillow can cause wrinkles around the eyes.
  • Allergies can also cause wrinkles and itchy skin, which aggravates your skin condition.
  • Poor diet with rich sugar content food can cause wrinkles, dry skin, and fine lines Premature.

Treating with eye massager 

Massaging around your eye layers every day can help you combat those wrinkle problems easily. Apply the eye care device on the wrinkled skin and gently massage in upper movement.

Repeat the process from the top layers of the nose towards the central bone on the forehead and firmly sliding on to the temple areas. Similarly, perform the massaging process on another eye area for a complete beauty regimen. Repeat this process thrice on every side for an extraordinary transformation of glowing flawless wrinkle-free skin.


Eye Massager for face 

You can use the Golden Eye Rf Eye Care Device for facial massaging as it increases blood circulation, relaxes muscles, reduces puffiness, and provides a glow to the skin layers. Facial massaging helps in draining unwanted fluids accumulation, relaxation to the facial muscles, and increasing blood circulation. It creates an even skin tone, eliminates puffiness, and clears clogged pores, which helps in obtaining a glowing skin tone.


  1. Skin tightening 

Sagging skin is caused due to loss of facial fats and other skin conditions. Reduction or deterioration of elastin and collagen in the dermis is another major cause for sagging or loosening of skin. In today’s polluting environment that we are living sagged skin can be obtained at a young or old age without any discrimination. Sometimes skin loosens as one person sheds weight or because of certain sickness and medical conditions. Skin loses its elasticity and sags commonly around the eyelids, chin, and jowls.

Causes for skin loosening

  • As your facial skin ages, it loses collagen and elastin, which are important nutritional supplements for maintaining the skin structure and firmness.
  • Exposure of facial skin to UV rays from the sun and environmental pollution can cause the skin to sag.
  • Certain lifestyle choices such as alcohol consumption, cigarette smoking, and a poor nutritious diet can cause facial skin sagging.
  • Weight loss can cause damage to elastin and collagen fiber, resulting in a sagged face.
  • Sickness a d other medical critical conditions can cause sagged skin layers on the face.


Treating with Golden Eye Rf Eye Care Device

Facial massaging with the Golden Eye Rf Eye Care Device improves the elasticity of your skin layers. It is a fantastic tool for getting rid of under-eye circles and under-eye bags immediately.  The eye care device is designed to eradicate ginkgo from the layers of your skin pores and thus preventing unnecessary breakouts. A perfect massage from this device helps in controlling sagging and tightening the skin muscles in your face.

Facial massaging with the massager is a powerful way to improve muscle elasticity, which helps in reducing dark circles and under-eye puffiness. Massaging your facial skin stimulates blood circulation and increases the growth of essential cells within the facial muscles.

This aids in the prevention of wrinkles and fine lines. You inevitably use the massager for five minutes every day for a magical transformation to glowing flawless skin. Traditionally massaging has been considered the most effective method to rejuvenate and tighten your drooping skin conditions.

  1. Skin rejuvenation 

Several harsh factors like aging, skin disorders, UV rays exposure, aging, and also genetic skin disorders cause irregularities to the facial skin layers. Certain skin conditions such as acne scars, wrinkled skin, blood vessel visibility, sunspots, and changes in pigmentation occur. Also, your skin can lose its firmness, texture, and reduces the glowing tone of the skin.

There are different types of treatment options available for damages caused by skin layers. Massaging your facial skin with the massager reduces the appearance of wrinkles and fine lines effectively on your entire facial skin especially around the eyes and upper lip areas.

This eye massager treatment is also used to treat age spots, pigmentation disorders, and reduces the visibility of certain medical conditions such as wrinkles and acne scars. Skin rejuvenation massages give your skin flawless and smooth skin layers for a longer period.

Rf therapy utilizes low-energy radiation for the heating dermis, which is the deepest layer down the skin. The heat generated helps to increase the production of nutrients such as collagen for improving skin sagging and eliminating wrinkle signs. Research has confirmed that this Rf Therapy treatment method is very effective and safest for treating skin damages due to aging or other factors.


  1. Face lifting

Face lifting is a very popular cosmetic surgical process that is highly sought by people across the globe who wants to look younger with a perfectly glowing facial appearance. But the other more effective option available is the facial massaging technique with the massaging device. It is exclusively built for eliminating sagged skin on the jawline, around the eyes, and cheeks.

You can now enjoy the huge benefits of face lifting surgical procedures without spending a dime by simply using the GoldenEye Rf Eye Care Device. This is a fabulous product that allows you to experience extremely glowing skin.

  • Massage the face in upward movements gently and slowly covering every part of the facial texture.
  • Avoid dragging the skin but follow the procedure in a very gentle and subtle manner.
  • Massaging helps in reducing fine lines and wrinkles around the eyes, upper lip, and in between eyebrows.
  • It provides relaxation to those areas of skin that have been damaged due to stress and strains. Relaxed skin helps in repairing and rejuvenating freshly.
  • Feather-light massaging touch helps in the relaxation of facial skin muscles and reduces the formation of horizontal lines.


  1. Pore tightening

Every day people are facing diverse skin problems and one common problem is enlarged skin pores on the face. It is an opening occurred on the upper skin layer due to various factors. Normal-sized pores are not hurting but an enlarged one can cause few problems such as oil blockages or clogs causing the skin to stretch. These pores are ugly and can damage your confidence level to a great extent.

Facial massage is an enticing technique that can be done using the massaging device to gently massage the skin layers of your skin. You will be able to feel the increase in blood circulation, decrease in puffiness, relaxation to the facial muscles, and provides a healthy shining glow to the skin. Experts recommend facial massaging two to three times every week for improved and rejuvenated skin texture.


  1. Wrinkle improvements

Wrinkles are formed in the facial areas causing you to look much older for your age. A massager device is a wonderful tool that can be used for reducing those wrinkles and erase the visibility of fine lines on the forehead, upper lip, temples, and around the eyes.

Steps for massaging to remove wrinkles

  • Place the massaging machine on the skin layers in between eyebrows and then gently move in upwards movements towards the hairline. Repeat this massaging step five times.
  • Secondly, concentrate on the areas surrounding your eyes in a very gentle manner. Implement soft movements with the tool and repeat it also for a minimum of five times.
  • Rest your massaging tool on your Nose Bridge and cheeks, and then gently swipe upwards movements from the cheekbones and smoothly toward the ears.
  • Place the massager on your mouth area and pull it upwards motion towards the ears for optimum results.
  • Massage the chin and cheekbones by massaging your cheeks towards the ears and hairline extensively.
  • You can massage the neck in vertical strokes towards your face from the collarbone in an upward movement.


Benefits of massaging with Golden Eye Rf Eye Care Device

  • Blood circulation

Facial massage is done with the Place the vibrating eye massager is fruitful just like facial exercising and it helps in improving the flow of fresh blood to your facial skin. Researchers have confirmed the fact that consistent and regular massaging done for a certain period helps in rejuvenating and obtain radiantly glowing skin.


  • Stress reduction

Massaging always generates a positive vibe and rejuvenates your drooping spirits magically. With the Golden Eye Rf Eye Care Device, you can pamper yourself with the luxury of a salon or spa treatment from the comfort of your home. When you massage the facial skin layers it activates and stimulates the sympathetic nervous system. You can elevate quickly unhealthy moods, reduce anxiety, and eliminate stress by simply using this tool to cheer up the soul.


  • Flushing out toxins

Another most important advantage of massage is that it removes toxins and clears lymphatic fluids from the skin on your face. The lymphatic system is very important for getting rid of unwanted materials and toxins from the organs and tissues in the body. This procedure regains the lost glow ad eradicates dull skin.


  • Young looking skin

The massager could be considered as the secret ingredient behind every glowing youthful beauty of many men and women across the globe. You will be able to easily achieve smooth, clear, and flawless young-looking skin with a wonderful massage. It minimizes wrinkles and reduces fine lines.

Usually when you are stressed or tensed the facial muscles are damaged causing fine lines and wrinkles. When you use the massaging device it relaxes the tensed muscles and the fine lines will be less visible. Massaging the facial skin will increase blood circulation and maximizes the production of collagen. This is an essential protein that prevents skin from loosening, keeps it absolutely firm and radiantly glowing.

How many times can we use the massager?

The massager is well equipped for keeping your skin glowing and can be used almost every day for 5 to 6 minutes. In case you want more deep treatments then seek professional help.

Make it a routine skincare regimen and get a clearer and smoother skin texture. According to experts every day massaging increases the circulation of blood and erases visibility of wrinkles over some time.


Operating tips for the GoldenEye Rf Eye Care Device

  • Once you have opened the package connect the massaging machine to the power socket with the charging cord.
  • Turn on the power switch button displayed on the machine and immediately an indicator light will turn on.
  • Next, you need to choose and set the energy levels according to your preferences.
  • You can adjust the energy levels by pressing on the radio frequency ranging from 1 to 3 extensively.
  • Now adjust the vibration level by selecting the 0 to 3 and the default setting is 1 respectively.
  • It is conveniently easy to adjust the energy and vibration levels when the lamp on the tip of the device flickers on standby.
  • The handle switch can be pressed and adjusted once the tip touches the skin for treatment. The indicator lamp will be on.
  • The indicator lamp starts flickering on standby and when the massage treatment has been completed. If you press on the handle switch once again the lamp will be switched off immediately after the massaging is performed.


Maintenance of the Golden Eye Rf Eye Care Device


  1. Nutrient solution addition

The eye massage machine must be well maintained for proper functioning and long-lasting durability. First, turn on the handle head and remove the head from the device. Next, pull out the treatment tip and check if the nutrient solution is enough.

In case the solution is less, then add the nutrient solution and then install the treatment tip back to the handle. You must check if the amount of nutrient solution is sufficient before every massaging procedure. Then install the handle head and treatment tip back to the device.


  1. Cleaning the device

You need to keep the massaging device extremely clean to enjoy the uninterrupted excellent treatment. Next, disassemble the Place of the vibrating eye massager handle head and start cleaning it by using a clean towel. Next, dip 75 percent of alcohol on the same towel and clean them thoroughly. Once the handle head is clean and fully dry, install it back along with the handle.

Troubleshooting the eye massage machine

The Golden Eye Rf Eye Care Device is an amazing tool loaded with incredible features. Let us analyze a few most effective troubleshooting tips.

  1. If you are not able to start the massaging machine check the power supply first, then try starting it once again.
  2. If the power wire is not working then pull out the wire and once again plug into power and make it work.
  • In some cases, the nutrient solution might be empty or less. Add more nutrient solution and check the content before every time you take the tool for operating.
  1. If the negative pad is not there install it once again and make it touch the skin layer completely.
  2. Make the handle start by installing it properly.


Working mechanisms of Golden Eye Rf Eye Care Device

  1. Radiofrequency mechanism

The radio waves will be penetrating deeply into the epidermis and dermis skin layers during the massaging. This procedure causes it to heat the collagen fiber for up to 65 degrees and it starts shrinking down, which helps in tightening sagged and loosened skin.

The radiofrequency heat also supports the stimulation of collagen regeneration. Therefore, wrinkles are erased and elasticity of the skin layers is restored.

For example, when you are treating the under-eye puffiness situation the RF energy eye massager, heats the skin tissues surrounding the eyes inside out. This process immediately improves the circulation of blood and removes under-eye puffiness and darkening of the skin. Radio frequency mechanism increases flexibility and elasticity of the collagen fibers. Therefore, the visibility of fine lines and wrinkles are removed and skin is tightened and rejuvenated.

  1. Nutrient solution leading mechanism

The Radio Frequency mechanism comprises of deeply strong leading function. This mechanism helps in moving the nutrient solution into the deep tissue layers for stimulating collagen regeneration and also for rebuilding the damaged soft tissue. Obtain refreshing and glowing skin with RF technology.


  1. Infrared light mechanism

The infrared light mechanism is a type of electromagnetic wave with around 630nm wavelength. This eye massager mechanism is designed for deep penetration and can resonate within human cells to stimulate the body’s metabolism. Once the infrared light is absorbed with the tissues it starts producing a heatwave that is soothing and comforting. This heat is very beneficial for the human skin and body. The infra red physical properties are comprised of wonderful efficacies that include improvement in the circulation of blood, biological macromolecules activities are activated, improves metabolism, and reduces swelling and inflammation.


  1. Vibration mechanism

The vibration mechanism operates with hundreds of consistent vibrations per second, which helps in improving metabolism, accelerating blood circulation, relieving muscle fatigue, muscle swelling, and muscle soreness condition.

Massage treatment procedure

Preparation –

  • As a preparation method clean your face with a natural cleanser.
  • Before the first time massaging you must check if the application is compatible to see if any complications arise.
  • Ensure that you are not wearing any unwanted materials such as contact lenses and ornaments.
  • Face should be cleaned without any dust or oil.
  • Add the nutrient solution to the head of the device and check if it is fully loaded before starting the treatment procedure.


Treatment procedures

  • Place the pad on the back and make it touch the skin completely.
  • Start the device and select the preferred energy and frequency levels for your treatment process.
  • Test the device mechanism on sensitive parts of your facial skin such as the neck, periodontal area, angle of the mandible, and other areas by adjusting the energy levels from low to high according to the requirements.
  • Place the tip of the device on the skin layer that needs treatment and let it touch the skin completely. Now slide the handle for the nutrient solution to flow out into the areas ready for massaging therapy.
  • Once the nutrient is spread on the skin layers you can start pressing the handle, which will switch on the indicator lamp for the treatment tip and make a perfect sliding motion.
  • If the treatment tip lamp flickers it might be due to dry skin and requires more nutrient solution or the pad is not fully touching the skin or the treatment tip is not touching the layer of the skin properly. Check the possibilities and rectify them to continue massaging.
  • Check if your skin can feel the warmth and then adjust the vibration, radio frequency, and speed accordingly.
  • Observe if your skin shows any adverse reactions such as pain or a reddish patch. And in that case, it is advisable to terminate the process immediately.


Facial massage therapy with Golden Eye Rf Eye Care Device

  1. Skin lifting

Loosened skin can be treated with the massager and by regular use, you will be able to achieve a glowing skin texture. Slide the Place the vibrating eye massager in a circular motion gently and slowly from down to up. Skin lifting is also made possible with the radio frequency heating mechanism for heating the collagen fiber and shrinking the skin layers.

The radio frequency mechanism helps in treating different types of skin conditions such as coarse pores, wrinkles, fine lines, under-eye puffiness, and other complicated skin disorders. Repeat the circular motion as part of the massaging therapy treatment.


  1. Skin tightening

Tighten the pores and restore the glow by simply treating your skin with the massaging device. Slide the tool in circular motions on the areas where there are puffiness and black patches. Next, slide it in between the eyebrows and inner eye corner. Massage upper eye socket and slide into the eyebrow ends respectively.

Check the treatment tip to see if it is touching the skin layer. Avoid sliding on any particular area for a longer period and instead, keep massaging every corner of the layers in a circular motion. Also prevent massaging on sensitive areas such as the aorta, neck areas, etc. keep the areas to be treated filled with nutrient solution for smooth painless sliding.


Skincare after the massaging treatment

Once the massaging treatment has been completed keep your skin moisturized and hydrated by applying quality moisturizers. You can also use face masks regularly to maintain the glow. Avoid dragging or harshly pulling the skin layers and never use force while massaging. Smooth and gentle massaging can do wonders to your skin. Avoid exposure of the treated skin areas in the sunshine for a long-lasting beauty effect.


Safety precautions

Since the eye massage machine is operated as an electrical device, you must take certain safety precautions while treating the skin conditions.

  • Check if the local electrical supply is set to AC230V±10%, 50Hz±1Hz/ AC110V±10%, 60Hz±1Hz (Optional);
  • You need to understand that no person is allowed to disassemble and open the device unless he or she is given authority from the company.
  • Remember to switch off the power of the machine is not used for more than two hours period.
  • There are a few things to concentrate on while operating the machine. First, check if the nutrient solution is full and it is very important to refill the solution before starting the treatment.
  • The machine is not designed to massage the upper eyelid.
  • Read the manual and operate accordingly to avoid any complications.


Why should we choose the Golden Eye Rf Eye Care Device

  1. Warm treatment

The Radio Frequency treatment helps in stimulating the skin cells with its warmth technology. The heat generated through massaging with this eye care massager helps in locking the moisture, reviving fatigue skin condition, and improving the circulation of blood.

Ensure that you are touching the handle operating switch with the sensor smartly. Place the massage head tip on the skin layer to be treated and gently start massaging in a circular motion throughout every corner of the facial skin for restoring the lost beauty.


  1. Elevated head with vibrating treatment

Once the nutrient solution is spilled gently start the vibration as it effectively helps in stimulating the skin layer and rejuvenating the dull skin tissues. An absorbed nutrient solution along with the vibrating mechanism helps in promoting the circulation of blood and relieves puffiness, swelling, wrinkles, and fatigue of the skin.

The eye massage machine is an awesome product that can be easily carried along to the places you travel or while working outside. It is a perfect companion for students or housewives or working men and women. Recommended usage of the massaging device is a maximum of 5 minutes period of time and twice every day.


  • Heated Radio Frequency mechanism

The Golden Eye Rf Eye Care Device provides heat treatment that will help your skin pores to open up. Therefore, when you start massaging the nutrient solution and other serums, it enters deeply into the skin layers in a better manner. A combination of Radio Frequency heating mechanism and vibration technology stimulates and promotes the power to absorb.


  1. Permanent relief

Gentle massaging with the vibrating eye massager helps in optimizing the circulation of blood and effectively relieves your facial skin of tension and scars. The massage therapy soothes damaged skin tissues and sore muscles.


The Golden Eye Rf Eye Care Device is a unique eye care massager that can be used every day. It is a handy tool for removing stress, relaxes damaged muscles, gets rid of wrinkles, tightens skin pores, and rejuvenates dull skin. Enjoy a healthier and stress-free lifestyle and cherish your glowing flawless and radiant skin.