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Skincare has evolved a long way from the old methods of face cleanser and rough scrubbing of the face. People are now more intentional about getting the most effective treatments from personal care brands while being extremely tender with skin. These treaments might come in potent ingredients or technical devices created by scientists.
A long history of skincare treatments involve lotions, creams, face cleansers and detoxifiers, facial masks and glow oils but some of these treatments stop working on the skin after some time. A deeper study has revealed that the effectiveness of these treatments are most times limited by clogging of the skin pores. If you battle with terrible acne, wrinkles and puffy eyes, then you should consider using a high frequency machine.

What is a high frequency machine?

An high frequency device is perfect for treating acne and it’s been mostly used to treat strep throat, speed up healing process and other kinds of bacterial infections. It was originally created by Nikola Tesla in 1800 and was named Violet Ray. By 1892, Jacques-Arsene d’ArSonval created an arm in electrotherapy by introducing high frequency currents to treat skin diseases. Then by 1970, most salons began to discover the healing and skin care benefits of high frequency treatment for acne.

What is a high frequency acne facial?

High frequency treatment is a tested and effective treatment for acne and it works by producing heat and controlled energy to treat stubborn acne, wrinkles, puffy eyes and enlarged pores by killing bacteria hidden under the skin and breaking down even the most difficult acne conditions.
The oscillations produced by the high frequency wand releases a discharge of watery fluid from the lymphatic system that sends a relief signal to the rest of the body. It comes in two different kinds of wands, Argon gas which is the violet light and Neon gas which is the red/orange light. Argon gas can be regarded as a pimple zapper wand. It is the best treatment for tough acne and oily skin, while Neon gas is mostly used as an anti-aging skin treatment.

Benefits of high frequency acne treatments?

High frequency treatments are very popular with a lot of people because of the several uses they offer and how versatile they can be. High frequency spreads oxygen to the skin with a safe heat, killing bacterias that causes acne and reducing inflammation, minimizes redness that erupts from breakouts. This in turn sets the skin tone and improves the texture providing a soft glow and firmer younger look.
It can also be used to increase blood circulation , shrink enlarged pores and blood vessels. High frequency machine for acne basically exfoliates dead skin cells, clearing skin pores to better absorb skin care products for effective use. It also shrinks red puffiness around the eyes and renews your scalp condition reducing hair breakage and loss.
The use cases of high frequency treatments for acne varies with each device and but it has proven to be extremely effective with lower risk and long term results. It is traditionally referred to a violet rays but the underlying principle and tecnology is still the same, the safe current and thermal energy is known to help in blood circulation, extract dead skin cells, get rid of the bacteria that causes acne and provides an even skin tone.

How is it being used?

It is most often advisable to have a clean dry skin when you’re about to start the high frequency treatment, so cleanse your face thoroughly and dry it. Then, you apply a serum and put on a gauze mask creating a small space between your skin and the high frequency wand. Place the electrode into the wand, turn it on and move it all over your face in small circular motions. You will feel a slight tingling sensation and hear a zapping sound when the electrical current hits your skin. It won’t hurt and the oxygen secreted by the wand spreads around the skin area.
The gap which has been created earlier by the gauze mask gives a much wider space for the oxygenating ozone to form, increasing it effectiveness.You shouldn’t circulate an area for more than five minutes and once you’ve circulated all the spots on your face, the high frequency treatment is over. You should apply moisturizer after the treatment and will likely experience a slight redness in your skin 30 minutes after use.

Why do people go for high frequency treatments?

High frequency skin care presents a much safer and skin friendly option to plastic surgery processes, cosmetic surgery injections, customised skin care chemical peels, laser treatments and all other procedures that beauty cosmetic and personal care companies offer. They have been known to produce a fast and brief result which is maintained by continuous use.
They get rid of difficult acne and keep it away from the skin for a longer period as opposed to several expensive acne treatments of creams, lotion and cleansers of which the skin becomes immune to after a long time of persistent use with no result. The heat energy from high frequency wands are not harsh and after gently cleansing the skin and opening the pores, they make the skin more receptive to other beauty treatment products. This makes it a much preferred choice for people to go for.

How often should you use high frequency treatments?

To get an effective result, having three to six high frequency treatments is a recommended thing to do. You can space them a week apart and continue on a monthly basis.
Side effects of high frequency treatments
The most common risk associated with high frequency treatments is overexposure which often results in a face burn and is caused by too frequent exposure of a sensitive skin to the treatment. Other side effects are dark spots, redness, pain and swelling. However, to prevent your skin from drying out, one should not use the treatments for more than 15-20 minutes in a day. It is also advisable for pregnant women, epileptic patients , people with an history of heart disease or sensitive skin to steer clear of high frequency treatments. If you use braces, there’s a likelihood of it leaving a strong metallic taste in your mouth after undergoing the treatment, so it’s best to avoid using it.

Using them at home

It is worthy to note that you should first seek professional advice from a skincare specialist or a certified dermatologist before proceeding with the high frequency treatment for acne. If you are, you should get an high frequency wand that can be used at home. Most high frequency treatments that are performed at home produce positive results in six weeks and must be approached with strict adherence to the manufacturers instructions to avoid face burn and swelling.

Using them at the office

Performing high frequency treatments at the office often produce faster result because they are able to use a higher amount of energy and are performed by only professionals. But they come with more risks compared to home treatments due to deliver a higher amount of energy. If you’re undergoing an office treatment you should ensure that the skin care professional is well experienced, has in-depth knowledge of the procedure and uses FDA-cleared equipment.


Most personal care companies and private health insurance do not pay for high frequency treatments because it is a cosmetic procedure. The prices therefore can be determined by a number of factors such as location, experience of the skin care specialist and the use of a home device versus the office visit.
High frequency devices may vary between $150 – $500 with all the possibilities of adding up with time but you should first seek medical counsel on your specific skin type before embarking on the treatment.

Aftercare Advice

Immediately after high frequency treatments, it is normal for the skin to develop a mild redness, so it is vital to avoid the direct rays of sunlight. This is because direct exposure to the sun will stimulate your blood vessels and increase redness on your skin. You should therefore apply sunscreen almost immediately after treatments.
Do not pick your skin. It will be fruitless if the same bacteria you worked at getting out through the high frequency treatment finds a way to come back to your skin when you pick on it. Avoid cosmetics for a few hours to a day, do not have any other facial treatments, stay away from extreme weather conditions and stop any other facial treatment within this period to produce effective and long-lasting results.


High frequency machine treatment is a very safe and great procedure for eliminating acne, wrinkles and all kinds of skin problems. It has a lower risk factor when performed by a well trained aesthetician and consistent usage within a time frame produces long-term results and skin care solutions.
Apart from detoxifying the skin and shrinking the blood vessels, it is considered an ageless and important skin renewing treatment in the customised skin care industry as it helps with rejuvenating the red and white blood cells. It also helps in the treatment of hair growth, nourishing the scalp and strenghtening the hair follicles.